Friday, April 01, 2011

CESI Blog competition result

Looks like i won't be joining the later stage of competition for votes as appears that i don't get selected in recent blog comp  ... but still cool though , least i got a wonderful experience making posts and it's been lots of fun

     Oh , and i do encourage you guys who are reading this post to vote and check their blogs , there are plenty good information about education-tourism-etc (in canada) if you're interested
 CESI vote blog link

Wish all the finalist a good luck , wherever and whoever you are -- keep on blogging !
May the best win , peace out sis/bro-s !

^o^ Y

Update 22nd May 2011
        Sebenernya dah lama mau nulisnya tapi kelupaan mulu (alibi) ... anyway , Congratz ya buat yang menang link blog nya =  . It's a great experience for me to join this kinda comp as well , had a blast ... winning is cool but losing and getting more and more experience is great as well ... so .. this is me signing off , GG guys ... Wait this isn't DOTA .... Eh anyway , see you later !

CESI Blog Competition Result

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