Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The future - present - past

           "Whazzup listener  , it's -add to the wind- back on track! " or something similar is what i might say if i was hired as a radio announcer, i always thought that it'll be so fcuking cool to have my own time in radio, setting up playlist and playing people's request choice of songs ,

Like when i was listening to an old music "Holy sheet, i know this cool song!"
     but when i download it and listen to it at home "is this the same song i was listening to earlier on?" see, radio station work has always been a cool - full of awesomeness job for me , dunno why i suddenly brought out this topic but i kinda recollect / saw (not the movie dude) things that made my think a bit about the future, what am i gonna do , what will i be  (No, this is not for a louzy work or such, just a random thinking i get once  upon a time...there was this girl, she eat too much that she obese herself then died  in a while )

I actually have lot of things i want to tried out / advanced learning /know more , starting from Disc-jokey , beatboxing , little bit of b-boy maybe , Office Boy  have my own band and lot'so-huggin-bear  lots of other stuff ...and we'll see how things will go next ...

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Some random stuff from today :

1] One of my friends , let's say ' arr and dee ' have shockingly discovered - busted infront of the class of visiting blogspot with LITTLE  bit of mature content, hahaha, dude if you're reading this, don't worry, it's normal, you're a dude and proud ! --> on the bright side
(on the dark side, shoot ! i have less reader than mature content page which is not suprising at all ,  so anyway , i'm still happy that i could write so much thing in here, banzai ! )

2] You never know how much a thing / person can encourage you and work as 'lock and key' hypothesis (hahaha, i still got my biology , Penabur friends !)

3] What you do now determine ( read: d-ter-mun , not d-ter-mined -->i'll remember it till the day i die for sure, thank you sir ! ) what you'll be in the future

4] "How i met your mother" series rocks ! definitely even funnier than "Friends" , As barney says : "It's going to be  Aww....some !!!"

5] Another one of my friend which is currently one step closer from getting his GF is so messed up in his facebook when someone ruined a perfect status with comment about King-Kong movie in TV and Accounting homework

6] Your talkative skill on paper doesn't really work on lecturer which is formerly the rector of the college , infact he/she is 100%  immune
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And out of all, i think i am the most childish dude (yes , i'm a dude now) out of all the person i know, starting from my hobby - my food - my lack of life skill -

I don't want my life to be a meaningless - tasteless  junk food that everyone can buy, i want it to be filled with priceless - unforgettable memories, bitter -sweet- sour which combine to create a one heck of a fun life

I guess i need to grow up eventually, though i'm taking it very slowly , it's definite sure that someone - somewhere - in a certain time will arrive and i too shall discover the true meaning of life

*truly dunno what i'm going to put in the title till the last part, so i think i'll just have to go wth it
hope you didn't puke or so  from reading this, cause....i am ...Not
-later fellas-

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