Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Surprise or as in El Spanyol would say "Sur - pe - riso" (nah just kidding, i only knew spanish from like uh dora , she never grew up doesn't she ?  fantastisco !)

Surprise always come when we least expects it, otherwise wouln't be called a surprise right, duh ?
With the surprise directly counter-act (dunno the meaning but sounds cool enough) right infront of our face, lots of reactions will occur , starting from elimination reaction - addition - subtitution , oh wait, this isn't chemistry

Its taste can be changed depends on the content and our reaction, it could go as a sweet delicious tasty chocolate up to a pee-flavoured can of soup ( dunno why i've just typed that, but what the heck - anything goes )

Scaterred in my college today, tears are flowing, smiley faces are copy-pasted to some of student's faces , the whole building collapse and many unrecognized victim are still out there lying down...lifeless ( okay i made that last part up )

But in the end, we gotta prepare our mental dude, i mean... it's all about control and perpective, if thought and seen from a good angle + you start to act, i'm sure that even the simplest little penny can someday be turned into a solid brick of gold

- El  Fabuloso ! Gracias ! -  (yeah, thx again dora)

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