Sunday, January 09, 2011

Hppy new year 2 and tea elephant

Happy new year 2 and tea elephant everybody !

What a year 2010 has been, the coolest year yet , the year where i got my ultimate bad result on AS exam , take the ultra shocking leap from high school , lots of panties parties - lots of goodbyes , and of course the old tradition of playing cards while hanging out even until the last minute of 2010, it has been a great year and i hope this '11 will be too

With so much homework and things to be done, this poorly constructed mind clearly needs a break ; yes, at the start of the year, nice huh, 5 long marathon-ized homework and 3-4 days to finish it (though i'll relax till the last minute anyway but still, damn you homeworks ! ) ; till probably next month -- from here saying :

"Happy new year, may all our wishes are coming true this year , may 2011 bring us good luck -health- fortune"

Till next time, have a G8 (yup, not G6) holiday (if you're still in one) , have a great weekend, huzzah !

Recently i've had some driving lessons ...
Let me tell you that 500 thousand Rp on driving course only worth around -this bit-  for this guy (yeah, i am making those tiny little gap between my fingers right now) , and yesterday when i am the driver , with accompaniment of my dad  in the front seat and my mom in the back seat (initially helping and later panicking), here's what happened :

Dad : Hurry up, turn to the right, it's clearly empty !!!
Mom : Don't turn, look there's a motorcycle behind you, watch out !!!
Me : Uh...okay...   ...   .....   OH SHEEEEET !!!
Which brings us to my conclusion .... Somewhere in the universe, i know a little alien boy is having a hard time driving his flying vehicle thingy

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