Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Doppelgangers - double of a living person ,  a look-alike

Have you ever met with someone who looks just like someone you know/knew ?
Of course you have , it's only the matter of its oftenity (dunno if that word exist but sounds cool !)

Well...i have recently , just when i moved from my old high school to my collegian life , i spotted quite some doppelgangers of my past friends , no i'm not talking about dreams Nay imaginations , it's real brotha

Maybe because i miss my old high school so much...
Or....both my minus eyes just got worse, yeah let's go with that

But seriously bro and sis , one of my friends really is a celebrity look- a -like
"Hey *********'s on TV ! ... oh wait that's a dude...

Anyway -->

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't you baby
If I ain't got you baby carried a bit there, Alicia keys by the way if you dunno

Okay back to the stuff , some people said that (and still by the way) if you meet your own doppelgangers it means bad sign, you're gonna die, bla bla bla, etc

"But eventually we're all turning into our own doppelgangers" as Ted said
(Yes if you've notice , i have been using lots of catchphrase and totally referring to "How I Met Your Mother" ,  one of my fav show , aaw....some!)

The old me from 5 years a go are totally different from now and so is everybody else ,  it's actually kinda cool when we take a photo album and see ourselves way back then
Fatter, skinnier , shorter .....

We may cherish or regret but one thing i do know is that it's never too late
Do we want ourselves to turn into our old self, eliminating this present doppelgangers
or... we could just head forward and let the bulding construct itself and see where it goes , and that's called life ... man (if you watch HIMYM, you know what i mean)

How I Met Your Mother

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