Monday, March 14, 2011

Bit bout recent Japan disaster

1st of all ... wow bro  , gotta give credit to my friend kenzie ( he's not really japanese but he likes anime and tentacle hentai ) , he's like the most frequent to check this blog ... thx dude , if you get back to indonesia , i'll treat you burger king or anything like that , you can note that on

I'm always like the last person to get new info , so when i heard the tsunami hit japan news ... i was like : WHUUUT ? WHAT HAPPEN TO ALL THE ANIME ??!! DAMN YOU BIG WAVE , first you hit indonesia back in 2004 , now you wanna destroy japan as well ? WUOOOH !! (burst mode) Why don't you go waste yourself to put down the flame on the sun or any of that (okay , it's getting annoying , i'll stop ) --- true story  (not really)

So anyway , le't pray for japan to quickly recover from the horrible disaster , ja-punk no aishiteru desu ! ( and for those who doesn't know japanese ... .. . we're on the same page )

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