Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lucid dream

Hi guys , this is gonna be one of my short post as i will have algorithm practical test today (and still a little sign of learning)

     I just had a lucid dream , it's the kind of dream that where you actually know that you're dreaming ... dream in a dream ....yeah it's the inception thing ... maybe coz  i watch a lot of movies or stuff but i dunno , can be scary huh , and i remember my dream quite clearly ...about 50-60% , wow....
"Totally speechless (duh , it's a blog)

    Few weeks back i read some articles in pic form from FJ , hi all FJ fans out there , thay see me writin ...they hatin ...LOL

So...the pic tells about how you can lucid dream , basically it's like a guide on how to do it , i'll share it with you guys later if i found it

I don't think i should tell any detail about my dream ...but if you wanna know , it's a double layer , meaning that i dream inside my dream

        Oh one more thing (sounds like tagline from jackie's uncle in jackie chan animation series) , i remember buying cinemags with Inception cover on it , and literally before i slept i put one cinemags magz at the end of my bed (near my feet) ... if i woke up and find the inception cover back then , i would either piss in my pants or run the hell out of my house to piss in my pants (wtf man , what's the diff ) ... either way it is scary and awesome at the same time (not the piss part)

Kay guys-girls (yeah2 , u got my point) hope you enjoy that , kinda of a short post , and i swear i'm not making any of this up .... see you guys later ... gracias ...denada (hey , thx dora !)

Update 18thJune 2011
  Hey i found the pic , it's an OC from some FJ guy , thx bro it is
It's a 3 part , feel free to read it , click it to make it bigger

I've actually starts to kinda records my dream by drawing it on a paper and such ... you know , just wanna try the things in the pics , hahaha

FYI : i lucid dreamed first then remembers that i have these pic , not that i want to have one ..kinda gives a goose bumps 

If i have this kinda similar experience in the future , i'll be sure to update it , so .. stay tune guys

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