Wednesday, June 22, 2011

RIP Jackass star Ryan Dunn

RIP Jackass star Ryan Dunn

    I've been following the Jackass series and movies lately for the past few weeks , like it a lot , it's sad to see early departure of a star from a huge show like Jackass ...

    Nobody was expecting that , even the Jackass crew themselves , hoping the best for others ,  the daredevil version of yours 've done a lot of cool stunts and i'm sure all Jackass fans out there will remember you well ... rest in peace Ryan

   Death is the one thing human can't escape , it's sudden , it's mostly unexpected ... but you don't have to be all scared and stuff , living a meaningful - happy life by doing things not only for yourself but also for others i'm sure we'll have nothing to regret when it does arrive

" Do it while you're young " (His documentary movie)
-Jackie Chan-

" Take a look at yourself and make that change " (Man in the mirror)
-Michael Jackson-

Cherish and do the best in your life

Me , signing out , peace


  1. You post this at 3.30 AM?It will shorten you lifespan,dude, sleep at 12 AM.

  2. test ... exam .. is killing me softly (sing it in-front of jun) , hahaha