Friday, January 27, 2012

Smoke , problem ?

Smoking is baaaaad
--> Here's a link to a guys research / documentary about smoking (called Vanguard)
What i'm giving you in this post is basically some of my opinion and a recap of that

   Cigarettes - lighter - fire ... these are all the things used to smoke . Many of us know about the effect of smoking and stay away from it . Unfortunatelly , some people are still unaware about it , even worse , some people still prefer to smoke although its bad effect are clearly known

   Perhaps one of the greatest factor that consumes "customer" ranging from small child to old people is advertisement . Remember an old mascot of american cigarette company ? yup , the cowboy guy . Advertisement keep shoving an idea / something that seems to be a lifestyle (which really isn't) that smoking is cool , gives you freedom and all similar stuff . Worse is that they do not only target adults , they also do kind of an early investment where children especially teenager are given this repeatable images , encouraging them that a lifestyle with smoke is good

   This unfortunatelly leads smoking to increase in number , it took nearly 1 or 2 decades to erase this wrong image which now finally starts to work . America's smoker population hugely decrease by some strategy that the government implement such as raising the price of cigarettes and banning their ads

   However this does not stop smoking as a threat , smoking company starts to make a move especially on developing countries such as Indonesia . We can see today in every corner , in every street , there's always gonna be a smoke ad , using the same method in america decades a go , they now target small children of Indonesia . Just imagine , Indonesia is the 4th most populated country  , let's say if 30% of the population smokes , how much pollution is that going to accumulate ?

Do you know about this video ?
No , it's not from an unknown island of carribean or something , it's from Indonesia

   What really bothers people is how young this kid is and the fact that his parents aren't even there to keep him far from harmful things such as cigarettes

  Smoking is addictive and dangerous , starting from Indonesia , what can we do to reduce it ?
   Of course asking smokers to quit in a short period of time is impossible , millions of workers will be jobless causing crisis . A simple thing that we can do starts from ourself ... stay away from smoking , encourage people to stop by telling them about the effects and diseases , give sufficient knowledge to children about the danger of smoking , etc

   It's a hard task to kill such a pandemic called smoking , but i hope someday it won't be a problem anymore

Smoking kills ... reduce and stop smoking
not for you , not for me , but for all of us

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