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Watched Totoro - Mind blown

    I've heard or atleast seen this character quite a few times in the past , but *yesterday-today is actually the first time i've seen the animation
*watched it in 4 parts , part 1-2 yesterday , part 3-4 today . I'm a busy guy , yeaah rite ...

  Totoro (My Neighbor Totoro) is a 1988 Japanese animation .. pretty old huh , basically you can think of it as tree spirit

If you haven't watched it , here's a little sneak peek about it
   A dad with his 2 daughter Satsuki (10) and Mei (4) is moving to the rural area , their mom in the hospital nearby is suffering from an illness . They move to an old house which is said to be haunted , one day Mei saw two bunny like creature that she called totoro (a small one and medium sized one) , eventually it leads her to the big totoro

pretty much summarizes 10 - 15 minutes of it

       I suppose most of you should've known that , it's made in 1980s .. i'm just always late catching up to things ... yeah
but anyway if you haven't then go check that movie out yo !

No spoiler in here .. don't worry , just don't block the empty part below (i use transparant font colour) / read the post in the link down below just yet

Go watch it first
before you read more about any article about it  ~ search it .. pretty easy to find


   I've seen the article about totoro's conspiracy / theory or whatever you're going to call it from someone else's blog  .. but only in a flash .. scroll scroll scroll .. close tab .. like that . So i'm pretty curious to see it , i mean .. this is just cartoon for kids .. naaah , i think they're just making articles for lolz 

    Kids will surely loves it seeing fluffy rabbit character , i personally loves it because it has an old rural setting and involves a little mystical stuff

  After seeing the movie i really think "Wow this is pretty good" , so this is the style of an old animation .. simple and creative , mostly happily ever after type , although it could've been a little longer though , then i remembered the post from before and check it out
(link down at the bottom)

... ... ... 

Some theory / what people are discussing : 
V block it to see

1.It is saying that Totoro is in fact messenger of Death, and whoever sees him will soon die. The hospital that the sister's mother was in was based on a real hospital for terminally-ill patients.

2. Satsuki pleaded the Totoro and the cat-bus to take her to where Mei is, while on the cat-bus, says "Nobody can see us...", this scene is Satsuki leading herself to the land of the dead (by taking the cat-bus).

3. At the hospital, the mother says "I think I feel May and Satsuki smiling there in that tree..." Why don't the sisters go and see their mom if they are already there? Why do they just leave the corn there instead? It is said that the sisters were dead at that point, and the Japanese pronunciation of "corn" is similar to "kill child".

4. The final scenes seem to be a happy epilogue, but they in fact happened "before" the major events in the movie.

5. The movie was set in a place in Japan where there was a case of murdering of two sisters which happened in the 60s. This event took place on May 1st, while the sister's names are Satsuki (May in Japanese) and Mei (May in English). In the real life case, the younger sister was missing first and the older sister was seen to be looking for her frantically. Nest day, the younger sister's body was found in the forest (stabbed to death). The older sister was in such a state of shock and kept rambling ambiguous words about seeing a "cat monster", "great big racoon monster" etc to the police. The sisters were in fact from a single-parent family (mother died of illness).

  Basically what this is saying is that the story is based on a real incident , link : Sayama Incident , pretty scary huh ?

The link :
This blog have the best explanations about it , even with pics and videos .. so definitely check it out

`Mind Effin Blown` is what my brain would say if it can talks

I didn't know that someone could've interpret about it that way , who would've known

   It does have strong connection to the incident and it has a lot of proofs . "What the hell did i just watch .. am i getting this wrong ??" my mind was seriously stapled to a statement like that
"i directly watched the specific mentioned parts again after reading the post (the link above)

    I have big curiosity .. so this actually makes me wanna know more .. and frankly i think this makes the movie even more interesting now . Knowing about this and seeing the movie again will definitely be interesting .. that's why i'm telling you if you haven't watched it .. go watch it first , hahaha

Me ? Conclusion ?

   The music is epic (by Joe Hisaishi ) and the graphic is quite good
* still humming to totoro theme and nekkobus btw because it's awesome

                                               Totoro Theme - Piano version


   As for the theory ... although the connection between the real story and the movie is shown clearly , can't really say whether it's right or wrong ... the creator's ( Hayao Miyazaki ) unique style is very interesting .. check out his other creation

   Whether it's true or just a theory , this is literally the biggest mind-blown for me in recent months because i really didn't expect the story to be this deep .. hahaha

   Still love the movie though .. the theory definitely raises up curiosity and lots of questions , but then again , that's what makes it more interesting

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