Sunday, February 06, 2011

Living life to the fullest

We don't see people deceased everyday , but the fact is ... everyday in some part of the world , people die

Today after seeing TV program about someone's funeral ,  i realize that life isn't as simple as i thought it was , unsuspected - unpredictable

Everyday all i do is just have fun , sleep - eat  , playing games like there's no tomorrow
But what if there isn't ?

This keeps me thinking  , what if this is my last day - my last hour - my last minute to live?
I could have just gone right after i took a bath , after posting this maybe... uuuh....scary...
I still have so much things to do . What can i do in such barely exist amount of time ...

Actually i got this feeling a lot of times , but only last for about a day or two maybe , this time hopefully it's a turnback for me that i can change to a better direction and get to a better result in the end

I remember watching a video of Gabriel Iglesias (a comedian) in youtube few weeks back in his video , he said that  " Why do people measure life from the length , not the quality .. i mean what's the use of having a long healthy life with no happiness , those guys with long age i bet they never do something extreme or something " 
I'm not encouraging you to do as freely as you wanna be , keeping it balance is a great way
But i do agree , it's the happyness that counts ,  rather have a short happy life than a long dull one right ?

Personally , i kinda scared of death as well , it's like i dunno what's going on after that and definitely because i've made a lot, and i mean a lot of mistakes
--- but as long as you keep your feet in the middle road not too left and not too right , you're gonna be fine

Use your time well and wise to do good-great things you won't regret and will be proud of and you'll smile big time when you look back at the time ... 

Okay , last but not least , here from me sending off saying :
"Live your life to the fullest not to the dullest ! "  My dream is actually to create a place where everybody is happy with no exceptions (in a good way of course) , using all encountered opportunities for good deeds and avoid chance to do bad things and you should too !

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