Saturday, July 09, 2011

BC 2015 - Be Creative !

    Semua orang pernah punya first experience at something , kali ini gw lagi nyobain sate ayam panggang bumbu serundeng program BC (Buddy Coordinator) buat program FEP (Freshmen Enrichmen Program) ...

    Gak berasa udah 1 periode berjalan , udah 1 taon gw yg noobz mulai kuliah dan sekarang bisa punya kesempatan buat ngebantu nge-guide anak2 baru ... gonna be fun (in a good way)

Post gw last year : noobz ? hell yeah !

   Gw dapet gelombang ABN which is the 1st one to start , so any of you ABN guys - girls especially "09" ... hi hi , welcome to binus ... congratz of being a binusian ... let's do our best and eat some tacos (dunno why i just typed that , i'd like one now)

    My 2nd term english lecturer said that " The 1st time is always the hardest  , but atleast you try and learn something from it and next time you'll get better "

   Despite of harus banyak menghafal teks lagu (sekitar 5) dan gerakan nya dalam waktu yg singkat , i know that this new experience will be interesting and teach me lots of things ... 

"Busy BC is to Be Creative 

Binusian 2015
Don't be afraid to ask ---  we'll gladly help
Be good and be smart
Let's thrive together !
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