Friday, October 29, 2010

When disaster bombards !

(First of all, gw nulis bahasa inggris biar sekalian latihan, takut lupa dan nguap ilmu bahasa inggrisnya)

Indonesia has recently been stroke out by lots' of disasterific events
starting with tsunami in padang, landslide in papua, volcanic eruption in yogyakarta and another 2 volcano of different location has just starting to grow in activity leaving a cautious state on nearby people

It has been a rough month for Indonesia but i do hope that things will soon get better

So many disaster happens concurrently , lives were taken tragically ...
Lots of people lose their families , why is it have to be them out of all the possibilities...

I am deeply sad for all these disastrous events , which none can take and comprehend
I do hope that things will go to a positive note - Let's help our brothers and sisters all across the country - pray for them and together let's build a new hope !

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